Hi guys. My name is Sarah and this is my mind. Please take off your shoes when entering.
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wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

Track: Yandere Younger Boyfriend (Sample Track)
Artist: CV: Hirakawa Daisuke


That’s it! I just thought of something good!

Since I’m worried, let me install a surveillance camera and listening device in your room!

But I’m so worried about you!

But I don’t want to lock you up, but, but if I use the camera and listening device, I can always watch over you!

And when you go outside, I’ll use a GPS tracker! Okay? Let’s do that!

Ehh, why!? Ah! Then I’ll install the camera and device in my room too! Then it’s fair right?

But that means we’ll be able to feel each other’s presence, and it’ll be like we’re always together; so it might be a very good thing after all!

A sample track from Docchi no Kare ga Suki Desu ka? Vol.3 situation CD, featuring Hirakawa Daisuke. The CD will be released on November 26.


girls don’t want boys, girls want kaneki ken to bE ALIVE


you were born to impress no one but yourself

Get to know me // [4/6] Female Characters
∟ Shizuku Mizutani (Tonari no kaibutsu-kun)


Meet the new mega evolutions!


he’s on an important journey


love is only one floor away!

i need an AU like this



This is the greatest photoset I have ever seen. 

The song just went through my head gif by gif




my fave bug (‘∀’●)♡

This is too adorable to not be noticed. x_x

i could say the same 4 u! 

httyd 2 end credit backgrounds [2/4]

Adorable Dorks (๑>ᴗ<๑)